ignacio atal
Long term fellow
I am engineer in mathematics and PhD in Public Health and Epidemiology. I have worked on research methods and data science applied to research on research in the field of medicine with the Cochrane Collaboration. I am interested in bringing the evidence-based as well as the citizen-based methods towards research in education.
Ignacio's Bio

I am a long-term fellow at CRI. I'm working on the improvement of research on education thanks to citizen- and evidence-based-science. I have a particular interest on primary school education. I am leading a 3-year project entitled "Teachers as Researchers", aiming at:

1) accompanying teachers to scientifically document their daily pedagogical experiments and results as if they were scientists

2) understanding how teachers reflect on and share about their practices

3) creating a linked and easy-to-query database of pedagogical contexts, objectives, solutions, outcomes of interest, and effect measures

Teachers-Researchers - open and collaborative citizen science to address educational challenges
Scaling the sharing of routine pedagogical experimentations and observations, and catalysing their collective intelligence
Teachers interactions in forums
Analysing the temporal co-dynamics of questions/answers and communities in teacher forums
Numeracy assessment at the start of formal education
The aim of the project is to create a comprehensive review of the impact of numeracy assessment and their effects on teaching practices at the school entry level in public education system in India and Norway.
Collectif "Profs-Chercheurs"
Recherche collaborative ouverte face aux défis de l'éducation
Scoping review of methods and tools for accompanying teachers' reflexivity
Identify methods and tools used to develop and assess teachers' reflexivity
Which criteria do teachers use to select among various resources?
Visualizing a taxonomy of criteria based on teachers answers to open-ended questions
Teachers online professional development
Analysis of m@gistere platform
Evaluating Teacher-effects
Evaluating the extent of teacher effects on students outcomes in 1st grade in France based on national evaluations
Understanding teachers' self-relfection writings - a Content Analysis research
Understanding better what's going on in the classroom through what teachers write when asked about interesting observations from their classroom.
Profs-Chercheurs - COVID19
Répondre collectivement face au COVID19
Teacher-based research to maximize the use of research-based information in education : citizen science to improve teachers’, researchers’ and decision makers’ collaboration
Share my PhD project advances
Exercice - Création de sous-groupes suite à un tour de table
Formation animateurs Profs-Chercheurs
Les Mercredis du CRI
Accueillir tous les membres du collectif pour relever ensemble les défis de l'éducation
Animer un événement découverte pour présenter et faire vivre la démarche
Action #M1.1- Comment recruter des participants à rejoindre une communauté Profs-Chercheurs?
Communauté d'animateurs Profs-Chercheurs
Trouver collectivement des réponses aux défis de l'animation de communautés Profs-Chercheurs
Collaboration in the 'Profs-Chercheurs' collective
The main goal is to asses the collaboration among the participants of the 'Profs-Chercheurs' collective
Collaborative production of research in education between teachers and researchers or decision makers : a systematic review
Reporting the nature of the implication in teachers' production of research in education
The 'Teachers-Researchers' community (Collectif 'Profs-Chercheurs')
Goal: to report the Teachers-Researchers methodology and the results from 2020-2021
The 'Teachers-Researchers' community (Collectif 'Profs-Chercheurs') : assessing the impact on the professional development of teachers and other educators
Goal: to assess the impact of the 'Teachers-Researchers' methodology on a cohort of teachers and other educators.
Comment l'école peut être un lieu de résilience pour les enseignants et les élèves?
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Teachers Collaboration Visualization Through Network Analysis
Creating a Database and a real time dashboard upon it to visualize teachers collaboration network